BE Commissions 9 Layer Water Quenched System in Ontario

Brampton Engineering announces the start-up and successful commissioning of 9 layer water quenched blown film line in Ontario.

Customer was impressed with the performance of the water quenched system and the speedy installation and start up process. He  declared that “within a day from bubble start we achieved successful commercial product”.

This is a powerful testimony about BE’s AquaFrost®system capabilities  and implicitly  the excellent expertise of our technical team who provided invaluable support to make sure the start-up and commissioning processes were  successful.

Best suited for a wide range of applications, our AquaFrost® film will transcend your customers’ expectations in every category, including maximum clarity and gloss, consistent interlayer thickness uniformity, good total thickness uniformity, improved physical properties and  economics, excellent and reliable thermoformability, enhanced softness and suppleness, less waste, less trim and higher output rates.

Bring your costs down and your reliability up with BE’s  industry proven water quenched technology!

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