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Muller Martini offers you an extensive range of products, covering everything from loose leaf binding, trimming trough perfect binding and thread sewing to sophisticated mailroom solutions for the newspaper market. Thanks to its high level of automation and its networking through CONNEX, its continuous workflow system, our solutions score highly in the area of digital solutions with quality, unbeatable changeover times and higher process automation.

  • ᴹᴹServices.Print – Your customers demand top-of-the-range performance and printing quality. With ᴹᴹServices.Print your Muller Martini printing press won’t let you down, and you’ll be able to perform every job successfully, from forms and mailshots to pharmaceutical, security and package printing. Muller Martini provides strong service solutions, too. We’re committed to extending the life-cycle of your equipment to the greatest possible extent.
  • Saddle Stitching Systems – Muller Martini stitching systems ensure maximum added value from web press delivery to loading dock. And they have been doing so for over half a century. It was back in 1954 that Muller Martini launched a world premiere into the marketplace – a fully automatic saddle stitcher. The invention of “flying stitching heads” is just one of the many technological highlights we have introduced over the years.
  • Softcover Production – Perfect bound products are part of our daily lives, encompassing paperback books, travel guides, timetables, telephone directories, school text books, magazines and mail order catalogs. Manufacturing them cost-effectively while maintaining high quality requires agile process-related knowledge and innovative production facilities. Cost and time pressures are rising, while runs are getting smaller and customer demands continue to grow.
  • Hardcover Production – A beautifully bound book with neat sewing, perfect rounding, optimal joint and a tightly applied jacket is the result of industrial bookbinding craftsmanship. Therefore a good book can be read with enjoyment.
  • Newspaper Mailroom Systems – The timely delivery of the newspaper is not the only daily challenge of the newspaper publishers. As a result of competitive pressure, unit costs have had to be reduced and production quantities per unit of time have increased. In addition, advertisers and publishers are placing more and more emphasis on zoning, requiring that certain editions be supplemented with target-specific editorial articles and commercial inserts for groups or geographic regions.
  • Digital Solutions – New digital printing technology is faster, more expansive and more colorful, making it even more attractive. The more efficient digital printing systems become, the more challenging the finishing process will be. Muller Martini, the leading specialist in integration of digital printing presses as well as in the field of in-line and near-line finishing, develops innovative digital printing solutions that yield new growth opportunities for the graphic arts industry – for perfect binding as well as hardcover production and saddle stitching. Muller Martini is expanding on the possibilities offered by traditional finishing to ensure that the industry can take full advantage of everything digital printing has to offer.
  • Connex Data and Process Management System – Connex, the leading data and process management system for the processing of brochures, magazines and books from offset and digital printing. Which jobs proved profitable last year and which did not? Price pressure is enormous in the highly competitive graphic arts sector. That makes it even more important for you to know exactly where your value added is. With Connex, you get the data security and key figures needed to manage your company.


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