The complete product range for UV curing and reprography
Amba® lamps and components. Attention to detail.

At Heraeus Amba®, we understand lamps. This is why we make it easier and more convenient for you to find the best lamp for your curing equipment. Our friendly, multilingual sales specialists guide you with a few questions to the right lamp. We use a database of more than 10,000 lamp types for virtually all types of equipment and application. If you contact us by telephone, fax, email or via the internet you will receive a prompt response from someone who speaks your language and understands your requirements.

Also for unusual lengths, special output characteristics and MH additives, you will quickly find the Amba® lam to suit your needs. For special OEM designs, we provide in-depth technical consulting by our R&D department and in-house test facilities.

Our products are used in many applications:

  • Graphic arts
  • Packagingamba_uv_lamps-2
  • Label printing
  • UV lacquer
  • PCB manufacture
  • Metal decorating
  • Glass decoration
  • CD manufacturing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Optical lens coating
  • Automotive components
  • Adhesive curing

… and many more

Mercury UV and metal halide lamps

Mercury arc lamps are most commonly used for curing applications. Heraeus Amba® can manufacture lamps from a 12 mm arc length up to 3.9 metres and everything in between. The unique flexibility of the production line means that anything from just one replacement lamp up to large batch quantities for the most widely used types can be made. Power ratings range from 80 watts per cm up to 400 watts per cm.

Metal halide lamps are most commonly used for repro graphic applications, and for some curing applications requiring enhanced spectral outputs. They are mercury lamps with the addition of gallium iodide, iron iodide or other rare earth metal iodides which alter the spectral output of the lamp. At Heraeus Amba®, we are specialists in finding the right metal halide for your specific application that optimises the efficiency of your curing process. The quality of Amba® metal halide lamps can be quantified by a long service life, short exposure times, small variations in exposure time during the life of the lamps and reliable ignition.

Replacement lamps for all UV system manufacturers

Abbess American Ultra Violet Amjo Aquatron Arradiant Argon Argus Barberan Brewer C Sun Cefla Chambon Colight Colordry Comco Dubuit Eltosch Gallus GEW Giardina Hackemack Hanovia Idealquartz IST Iwasaki Japanese Storage Battery Kammann Ko-Pack Mark Andy Natgraph Nilpeter ORC Primarc Walter Reynolds SPS SPE Sanki Schneider Siasprint Singulus Spectral Starna Svecia Steinemann Superfici Technigraf Theimer Thieme UV Technology VTI Wallace Knight… and many more.

Absolute lamp reliability

When you receive your Amba® Lamp, you can see the Amba® quality as you take it out of its box. Strong seals, immaculate quartz glass, high-quality electrodes and connectors are just a few indicators of a quality product. Once installed, they will do exactly what you expect them to do.

They simply start first time, every time, and provide a reliably high UV emission throughout their long lives. So you can rest assured and focus on your manufacturing process.

Amba® UV curing lamps are engineered and built for perfect and reliable curing results. We work hard to achieve this consistently high quality. Starting with best raw materials, the lamps are manufactured using latest technology and a level of workmanship that we take pride in. All Amba® UV lamps come with a “200% tested” performance guarantee. Every lamp is tested not once, but twice before it leaves the factory. Amba® Lamps have always been associated with quality and reliability.


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