Tectonic plate mounting, print registration and print inspection systems use leading edge technology to provide clients with the very best quality solutions at affordable cost.

  • K3 Digital Print Inspection Systems are a low to mid-range cost effective solution for security printers providing all the benefits of the lower cost systems with added accuracy and control.
  • Panther Digital progressive scan Inspection systems Technology leading mid to high end print inspections with a large number of features
  • Flexico V5 Plate Mounting Machines provide a fast and accurate plate mounting using Tectonic’s patented “hands free” technology.
  • Flexico V5 Plate De-mounting Machine to remove plates and to clean sleeves quickly and thoroughly.

Tectonic systems have been supplied and are supported throughout the world either directly through Tectonic or through our World Wide Agency Network, so that help and assistance are always available – quickly and in the language that each client understands.